Northern Lights Tours

True magic on the arctic sky

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About Northern Lights Tours

Experience the true magical moment and feeling as you gaze upon the Arctic Sky while it is filled with colourful glow of the Northern lights.

The natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis appears in the sky of Lapland around 200 times per year on average. Lapland offers you the opportunity to see this spectacular light show from the front seat combined with untouched environment and endless wilderness.

It is truly an unforgettable once in a life time experience.

Looking for accommodation?

Book a room from Star Arctic Hotel and enjoy a wide range of summer and winter activities in Lapland.

Details & Pricing

Northern Lights tours can be arranged car, cruising with snowmobiles or by husky sledges. Please contact us for more information on details and pricing.

Image credit

Antti Pietikäinen

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