Scenic Views & Elegant Design

Scenic View Suite

2-Floor suite with a stunning view. Up to 4 persons.

Scenic View Suite + Sauna

Scenic views with a sauna and kitchen.  Up to 4 persons.

Aurora Glass Cabin

Spectacular view right form your bed. Up to 3 persons


Reception & Check in

Restaurant kaunis

Special arrangements

Having a special occasion? Preorder breakfast to room for 30€ per morning or preorder one of our romantic packages to room upon arrival

Scenic View Suite

A two-floor Scenic View Suite specially designed for both aurora hunting and admiring the arctic landscape. The large view window beside the king bed at the second-floor faces north, where the northern lights mostly appear. The wall window at the first floor faces south, where Saariselkä is located and can be seen amidst the Lappish landscape.

Our hotel has 30 Scenic View Suites.

Scenic View Suite + Sauna

A more spacious (36 m²) version of the scenic view suite, equipped with own private sauna and kitchenette with cutlery equipment. Our hotel has 12 Scenic View Suites with Sauna, 2 of which are built on two storeys as the Scenic View Suites.

Aurora Glass Cabin

Under the Aurora Glass Cabin’s glass ceiling, guests can lie in bed while gazing upon the Arctic sky. The glass roof faces north, where the northern lights appear more frequently. Equipped with a private toilet facility and shower.

Our hotel has 15 Aurora Glass Cabins.