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Christmas Magic in Reindeer Park

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About Visiting Santa Claus

Experience the Christmas magic by visiting Santa Claus at the Reindeer Park.

Every evening, Santa stops at the Reindeer park located near the Star Arctic Hotel, to spend a well-deserved break from visiting all around the world. Luckily for us, it is our best chance to visit the Santa in person in a joyful and warm surrounding with a magical atmosphere.

Around the warmth of fire, and with the help of gingerbread and juice, you will be given a chance to write a letter to Santa, from which after the Santa’s little helpers arrive to guide you through the open sky riding with the snowmobile directly to Santa’s cabin. In the cabin, Santa will receive the special guests of his, and give presents to the family young ones. The unforgettable and magical meeting with the Santa ends with the ride back to the hotel reception.

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Juho Kuva

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